Less is more, how to downsize your home and start new!

By: Susan Macarz

Less is more, how to downsize your home and start new!

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The year 2021 is slowly but surely coming to a close!

What a year it was, from enduring difficulties to overcoming those same challenges and coming up on top, it was rough, yet truly memorable!

As each year comes by, we always strive to make changes, to learn from the previous year, and to improve.

What better way to do just this, than to start from within our home and slowly work our way out to our daily lives and routines as well!

We are referring to downsizing your home, getting rid of the clutter, the hidden stress which comes with it, and to give yourself a fresh new start for the year 2022. Great things require a great start, a good stable foundation to make those important steps in life!

It might seem quite simple, yet overlooked by many, but reaching your goals does require planning, including lots of organization. Having a non-organized home can subliminally affect your ability to organize other aspects of your home! According to Dictionary.com, clutter is defined as something untidy or overfilled with objects. It also refers to a state or condition of confusion.

Having this in mind, it is easy to see why it can indirectly affect your daily lives and chores.

There are several steps that can be taken towards downsizing your home, and providing yourself more room for breathing, relaxing, and creativity!


Step 1: How to recognize clutter?

As simple as it sounds, recognizing clutter might be the core of the issue due to most clutter having certain memories attached to them.

The best way to recognize clutter would be to ask yourself several simple questions, which are:

1) When is the last time I have used this?

2) Do I really need this?

3) Is there more down than up by owning this?


Step 2: How to get rid of clutter?

In the beginning, it might seem hard to get rid of certain things which you do have fond memories of.

But Step 2 of downsizing your home, is to focus on the positives! Every step can be hard on paper, even when doing it, but the relief you can get from it does outweigh the struggle!

This brings us to step 2: Focus on the positives!

Having the satisfaction of making changes for the better, can help drastically after you have noticed the fruits of your labor.

As many will say, people do fear the unknown, but...

Walking, talking, eating, etc. was once an unknown as well, learning and adapting to many things’ life throws at us can be a way to a bright and well-known future, a happy one!


Step 3: Origin of the clutter itself.

A step which can be life-changing, is quite simple!

When downsizing your home, and providing a better foundation for a better tomorrow, try avoiding the most common mistake.

Do not ask yourself about the items you are removing, but ask yourself, why that stuff is there!

If there is no concrete answer, it is only taking up valuable space, and trust us, this is the case for your mind, as much as it is for your home itself!


Step 4: Accepting the changes and embracing your newly found freedom!

The simplest, yet most important step, is to accept everything which has been done!

Hundreds, if not thousands of scientific articles have shown us that those unnecessary items can lead to unnecessary thoughts, leading to a cluttered mind, stress, and sleepless nights. Simply try to rest and enjoy your life, achievements, family, and the peace and security of your home!


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