Where To Find Affordable Toronto Neighbourhoods

By: Susan Macarz

Where To Find Affordable Toronto Neighbourhoods

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With the prices in Toronto real estate market climbing, many homebuyers, especially first-time GTA homebuyers, are trying to find a way to get into the market at what they can afford. And while Toronto may often seem unattainable due to demand that drives the home prices up, the city does have its share of very beautiful neighbourhoods that offer great housing, good quality of life, and are still in an affordable price range (below $1 million).  If you are looking to set foot in the Toronto real estate market and your budget is a bit tighter, here are some Toronto neighbourhoods you might want to explore.
Mimico is a neighbourhood in Etobicoke, and it offers a great lifestyle for a reasonable price. The homes are more affordable than in the Beaches neighbourhood, and you can still enjoy the gorgeous waterfront. The neighbourhood offers great housing, schools, parks and a number of other amenities. Mimico is also known as a commuter area since many Mimico homeowners and residents work Downtown or somewhere else in the GTA. The area is very well-connected transportation-wise, so it is easy to move around. It only takes 15 minutes by GO train to reach Downtown.
What many people love about Mimico is its picturesque scenery and the many green spaces, as well as homes at lower prices. Fixer-uppers are especially popular among Mimico first-time homebuyers.

Leslieville is very close to Downtown Toronto, and as such, it is very close to the best the city offers, but nonetheless, home shopping in this Toronto neighbourhood is still affordable compared to other areas. It is surrounded by lots of amenities, so residents can enjoy coffee shops, restaurants and different stores, as well as green spaces. With lofts, townhomes, and condos, it is perfect for singles, couples and young families. Renters are also very present in this neighbourhood, so if you are thinking about real estate investment, Leslieville might be just the right choice.

Greenwood-Coxwell offers affordable housing, and it is especially popular among Toronto first-time homebuyers who are just starting out to build their home equity. The neighbourhood offers row houses, semis and detached, which range from modest to fully renovated.  When it comes to amenities, the neighbourhood has several schools, the large Greenwood Park, shops and stores, as well as restaurants and breweries.
Little Italy
Little Italy is one of Toronto’s most charming communities where Victorian homes and row housing prevail. With authentic Italian restaurants and food and an array of other amenities, Little Italy draws many new-generation homebuyers who are looking for relatively affordable options close to the Downtown area. Even though prices have risen in Little Italy, especially when it comes to updated properties, the neighbourhood also features low and mid-rise condos that can be found at good prices. The area is also known for its patio get-togethers, where residents gather around and enjoy each other’s company, the weather, and the community life as a whole.
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